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Mazzle is a board competition game for two players in which you have to build your own maze. Each player has an attributed color, black or white, and has to make the largest territory by connecting their color through the maze. The player who wins is the one with the biggest number of connected color territories in one block.

Three black territories are connected and two white territories are connected, so black wins.

At The beginning of the game, all the pieces are reversed on the table and each player pick three of them. They play one after another by placing a piece on the game area. The pieces that are placed on the game must always be connected. A player pick a new piece after their turn is finished. The game is over when all the pieces have been placed.

The pieces have the shape of puzzle pieces so the player can only connect the corresponding sides of them. They also have a black and white maze draw on them to allow the player to connect their color or disconnect the one of the other player.  If a piece have a straight side, then this side cannot be connected to other pieces not even to another straight side.

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